The Kimono Makes a Comeback

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Wafrica Kimono

The traditional Japanese staple has been around for centuries. And now, the kimono’s influence is seeping back into the mainstream fashion world thanks to a handful of trend-savvy designers…In the past, Japanese kimonos were mainly reserved both sexes on special occasions, like weddings and festival visits. But these days, the traditional garment has been revolutionised by becoming more comfortable, versatile, affordable and easily adapted to reflect one’s personal style.

As the kimono is the perfect canvas to create a head-turning ensemble for any occasion, modern women in Japan are at the forefront of the trend with the western world quickly following suit.

“[Young women] no longer think that kimonos are the preserve of older women with money to spend,” an assistant at Gallery Kawano, a second-hand kimono shop in Tokyo’s chic Omotesando district, told The Guardian. “They wear them when they go out on a date or want something a bit different for a formal occasion.”

Kimono Jackets

If you’re looking for the lates spring/summer trend, then say hello to the kimono jacket. Whether they’re cropped at the waist, or reach the knees like the more traditional kimonos, there’s a print and style for everyone. We also appreciate the merging of African prints with the Japanese staple, making each piece even more unique.


African Kimono

The brainchild of of Serge Mouangue (a Cameroonian native), and Kururi, (a Japanese car and kimono designer), comes the Wafrica kimono collections. The traditional kimono silhouettes are made with African fabrics that are sourced from Senegal and Nigeria.

Mouangue says on their website: “In response to the argument that globalisation may rob us of our cultural identity, a conversation between two ancient, strong and sophisticated identities: Japan and Africa. The conversation is about the beauty of weaving strands of our stories together.

“Wafrica is about hope and embracing the possibilities made available when the unique treasures brought by each of us are juxtaposed to form a new and enlightened international consciousness.”


Kimono Nightwear

While traditional kimonos are made from stiff fabric, that are sometimes heavy and uncomfortable, Lolly5000 uses silk to replicate the traditional garments, and put a sensual spin on them. From long kimonos with sultry floral fabric that can be worn in the bedroom or out, as well as short kimonos that are super comfortable yet easy on the eye – be sure to shop the exclusive range at Bay.One and get in on the kimono trend.

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