The Top Men’s Swimwear Trends For Summer

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Sun’s out, guns out! To get you up to speed this summer, here are the latest swimwear trends worth jumping onboard for…

Setting yourself apart from the masses with the items you choose to wear is no easy feat. And, ironically, the less clothes you wear, the harder it becomes. And with summer beckoning that can only mean one thing: your choice of fabric covering your modesty while at the beach or by the pool has never been more important!

Camo Goes Next Level

The military-inspired look is one that never goes out of style. It’s made a serious comeback this season, especially in the form of swimwear. The reason: khaki shades work well with all skin tones, and add a touch of masculinity to regular swim shorts.

When it comes to length, stick with mid-thigh level shorts – especially for patterned camo. If you’ve missed a few leg days at the gym, opt for a longer pair and solid khaki colours.

Nautical Stripes Are Back In

Nothing says beachwear better than striped swim shorts. Stylish and oh-so-Kennedy-esque, this season’s maritime look sees horizontal Breton stripes mixed with sea-inspired blue hues giving the illusion of width. According to the fashion pros, as a general rule, classic navy and white stripes should be mid-thigh, while more racy diagonals and bold tape stripes should be longer. Colour-clashing vertical stripes shorter, and only for the brave.

Play It Safe With Colour Blocking

If bold prints and designs aren’t your thing, then go against the grain and opt for old-school solid colour swim shorts that flatter every angle. This way, your choice of swimwear will never date or clash, and you’re more likely to find a colour that perfectly matches your skin tone.

If you’ve got lighter skin, then opt for deep green, burgundy or navy hues. Cobalt blue, lime green and bright yellow look fantastic against darker skin, and red shorts (hello, Baywatch) are great for those who burn easily.

Patterns and Trendy Designs Are a Win

Whether they’re floral, tropical or kooky, prints are no longer just reserved for women. There’s no better place to don patterned shorts than on the beach.

According to menswear designer, Alex Gordon, “The trick when going for a vivid pattern on swimwear is to keep them shorter than you would with a plain colour. The pattern can be overwhelming, and anything too long will look like a dodgy board short, so opt for a mid-thigh finish. Keep them fairly loose fitting, though, or you may look like a Club Tropicana cabana boy.”

If you have lighter skin, go for darker colours to avoid being washed out and vice versa for those with darker skin.

Now that you know the basics, get your swimwear collection up to par by shopping Bay.One’s trendy range of men’s swimshorts here.

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