Contouring Goes Below The Neck

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The make-up trend that promises pronounced features and chiselled cheekbones using clever techniques, has migrated south… Here’s the low-down!

Apart from her sex tape, the one thing Kim Kardashian is most renowned for is introducing us to the benefits of contouring. However, a few months ago, her spray-tan artist revealed that the reality star doesn’t just contour her face using various colours of foundation – but her abs, too! No wonder she rocks a crop top better than most…


And it turns out Mrs West isn’t the only celeb to capitalise on this intriguing trend. According to various gossip sites, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr also rely on the ‘five-minute body makeover’ when baring their midriffs.

In a recent interview with Grazia UK, celebrity make-up artist Katie Quinn said, “Body contouring using make-up can instantly drop a dress size and make you look like you’ve just come from an intense gym session. It’s become hugely popular in Hollywood before red-carpet events because we can use highlighters and bronzer to slim down and tone up the body.”

As well as defining abs, the treatment can also be used on one’s cleavage to make breast look larger and more defined, as well as on legs to create the illusion that they’re longer. Who knew?


Katie adds, “Using bronzing powder to draw bracket-like symbols between the breasts is like an instant boob job, and you can slim the legs dramatically. I get clients to do a partial squat to flex the hamstring and quad muscles so I can see where to put the bronzer, then sweep it up to the butt. I finish with highlighter to help legs look longer, leaner and firmer.”

Well, if you’ve got it – why not flaunt it, right?

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