WTF Fashion Trends To Avoid At All Costs

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As we freeze our butts off, the Northern Hemisphere are prepping hard for summer. And while we usually look to our European and American friends for fashion inspo, we’ll definitely be avoiding these summer trends come December!

  1. Men’s Lace Shorts

What’s more frightening than these ridiculous lace shorts and tees is the fact that they’ve already sold out according to creators, Lace Me Up Shorts. While we’re all for boys doing anything girls can do, we cross the line at see-through pastel two-piece (above).

  1. Male Rompers

Any woman who owns a romper will tell you that while they’re super cute to look at, going to the bathroom in one is no easy feat. The same certainly doesn’t apply to men, so why not make rompers for them too, right? A Kickstarter campaign from RompHim is blazing a trail across the internet with convention-defying rompers for men. Odd.Screenshot (23)

  1. Hairy-Chest Swimsuits

A feminist statement or the opposite? Marketed by Beloved Shirts, this unique bathing suit comes in three different skin tones. We’ll pass on the man boobs, thanks.

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  1. “Shocked Trump” Swimsuit

As if seeing The Don’s face on the news every day isn’t bad enough, we don’t know would possess anyone to wear him as a second skin. On the plus side, it’s sure to scare all the kids come Halloween!

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  1. King Jong Un Romper

If you thought the male romper was bad, you’re in for a real treat with’s playsuit that features the face of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. While those eyebrows are on fleek, it’s the teeth that scare us the most.

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